StreetScape Plan

The streetscape planning process involved extensive participation by representatives for the City's diverse constituencies.  The Steering Committee included representatives from neighborhood organizations, city offices, property owners, and businesses. 
The Steering Committee reflected much of the City's diversity and richness and brought many different perspectives to the table during the planning process.  The consultant team worked closely with the Steering Committee, meeting regularly and forging a broad consensus of support for implementation of the Plan's recommendations.  In order to reinforce the awareness and consensus of the project, the consultant team also met with individual City boards, and other interested parties including:            
          Tipp City Planning Board            
          Tipp City Restoration Board            
          Tipp City Tree Board            
          Tipp City Parks Advisory Board            
          Downtown Business Association            
          Tipp City Council            
          Ohio Department of Transportation
Members of the community were kept informed and included in the process through regular coverage on KIT-TV, the newspaper, and regular mailings to all individuals within the corridor.  Public meetings were held in order to solicit the opinions of as many stakeholders as possible, and Steering Committee meetings were open to the public.
The result of these efforts created an interactive atmosphere, where ideas and concerns were shared, and the end product was a design based on community consensus.
The current streetscape plan was derived in 2001.  Planned progress on the plan has been slowed due to budgetary constraints.
Tipp City's StreetScape Plan.