Message From the Chief

Tipp City’s Fire Department is composed of a dedicated group of 24 paid volunteers. The Department operates principally out of the Fire and EMS Station at the intersection of Main and Hyatt Streets, and serves all of Tipp City and surrounding Monroe Township, as well as parts Concord Townships. Firefighters are grouped into three divisions of six or more firefighters who are on call from 6 p.m.-6 a.m., and these groups respond to any minor incident that needs to be attended to. Whenever there is report of a structural fire, all 24 firefighters report for duty. The three groups of six or more firefighters rotate on a weekly basis.

Fire Prevention & Education

Tipp City’s firefighters operate a Fire Prevention and Education Bureau, in which twelve firefighters are certified safety inspectors. These twelve inspectors conduct routine inspections of area businesses for fire protection. Tipp City firefighters also actively promote fire education to area schools, and upon request, pre-school children are invited to tour the Fire Station. In addition to a Fire Prevention and Education Bureau, three firefighters are certified by the State of Ohio in rope rescue, and all of the firefighters have been trained in heavy rescue, auto extrication, confined space rescue and Hazardous Material Response.


In 2007, Tipp City’s firefighters responded to a total of 408 calls. The average calls responded to per month was 34. Firefighters are committed to responding to the calls in the shortest time possible to provide the highest level of service when it is needed. Since 1874, the Tipp City Fire Department has provided this high level of service to the community, and a commitment to fire education and prevention has served the Tipp City community well.