Canine Unit

The Tipp City Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of a Belgian Malinois named Pasha. Pasha is handled by Sgt. Greg Adkins and is trained in narcotic detection, tracking, article search, obedience and patrol apprehension.  Pasha was born in Germany and imported to the United States where he was purchased and trained by Police Dog Services in Germantown, Ohio.  Pasha went through 300 hours of training prior to hitting the streets.  Pasha has bi-weekly maintenance training to maintain his skills.  When not at work, Pasha lives with Sgt. Adkins and his family and is subject to call out at any time.  

K9 Pasha has been in full service since March, 2018 after being purchased by the City of Tipp City.  Pasha’s patrol car is equipped with a special transport insert and a heat alarm to protect him while on duty. Special air circulation and cooling equipment is also installed to prevent overheating, as the safety of the dog is of utmost importance.

We are very grateful to all the support the community and the city has provided to the rich history of police canines with the Tipp City Police Department.  The purchase and maintenance of these dogs is an expensive endeavor.  It is made possible with the support of Dr. Martin English D.V.M who donates his services, Dr. Kelly Young D.V.M and Dr. Johanna Smith D.V.M.  Donations and support funding is handled through Tipp Monroe Community Services.