Ride-Along Program


To encourage our involvement with the community and to further citizen’s knowledge about the Police Department and our role in the community, members of the community will be permitted to ride-along with officers in accordance with the following:

  1. All requests on the part of citizens to ride-along should be made no less than two weeks in advance of the scheduled date and must be approved by the shift Sergeant or OIC. This will allow sufficient time to determine the availability of an officer and ensure there are no other conflicts.
  2. A Liability Release form must be signed by the rider prior to their participation.
  3. All riders must be dressed in appropriate casual wear. Shorts and/or t-shirts are not permitted.
  4. Persons participating in the program are present to observe and learn. But the rider should not become involved in the call except as may be requested by the officer.
  5. Prior to responding to a call of a serious nature, the rider will be dropped off at the police department or a safe location.