The City of Tipp City has adopted an official Economic Incentives Policy (PDF) to ensure that Tipp City remains competitive in the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses which contribute to and promote the long-term economic health, stability and welfare of the community. In conjunction with the Economic Incentives Policy, Tipp City utilizes Community Reinvestment Areas and Enterprise Zones as noted below.

What Are the Business Benefits?

Tax incentives encourage businesses to reinvest in physical improvements to plants, helping them to grow and remain competitive over the long-term, by exempting them from tax payments normally required by such an investment. The benefits of tax incentives serve as the basis for a long-term relationship between the community and the business.

Which Businesses Are Eligible?

All for-profit enterprises located within or expanding into Tipp City's Enterprise Zones, are eligible for local tax exemption if they agree to establish, expand, renovate or occupy a facility and retain and/or hire new employees. The City of Tipp City may enter into an agreement with an enterprise after determining that the enterprise is qualified by financial responsibility and business experience to create and/or preserve employment opportunities in the enterprise zone and improve the city's economic climate.

Community Reinvestment Areas

The Tipp City Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA) are an economic development tool administered by the City of Tipp City that provides real property tax exemptions to businesses making real property investments in Tipp City. Tipp City has established 5 CRAs within our community to assist our businesses and industries. CRAs 1 to 4 shown below are "pre-1994 inches CRAs, while CRA Number 5 is a post 1994 CRA. Pre and Post 1994 CRAs operate under different rules and regulations which are outlined in the Economic Incentive Policy.

Tipp City's Five CRAs as follows:

Enterprise Zones

An Enterprise Zone is a geographic area within which special tax incentives may be offered, by contract, to businesses, which agree to invest in capital improvements and to create and/or retain jobs in that area. EZ incentives take the form of real property tax exemptions on eligible real property investments. The primary purpose of the Enterprise Zone is the stabilization and revitalization of, through investment in, industrial areas, thus spurring the creation and retention of jobs.

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