Food Trucks

The City of Tipp City permits food trucks to serve in our community provided the proprietor has obtained the appropriate permits and is in compliance with the associated regulations. Ordinance 9-19 and Ordinance 20-19 address regulations and permitting in order to maintain the health, safety and welfare of our citizens.

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Basic Food Truck Regulations

1.    Food trucks are not permitted in residential districts. (See Code Table 154.04-2: Principally Permitted Uses).
2.    No person may operate a food truck in the City of Tipp City without a food truck permit issued by the City.
3.    The food truck vendor must obtain expressed written consent of the property owner to operate a food truck on private property.
4.    The written consent must be kept in the food truck at all times that the food truck is on the property.
5.    Food trucks and vendor locations will be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
6.    The food truck vendor is responsible for the proper disposal of waste and trash associated with operation.
7.    Electric, gas, and water will be self-contained within the food truck.
8.    One Temporary Sidewalk Sign is permitted in accordance with Code § 154.11(K)(5).
9.    The zoning must be approved 48 hours prior to operation of the food truck.

At any time, the scheduled final inspection appointment for a mobile food-vending vehicle may be cancelled or postponed due to the operational requirements of Tipp City Fire and Emergency Services. The final inspection appointment will be re-scheduled at a suitable time.  Tipp City Fire and Emergency Services and the City of Tipp City will not be held responsible for alterations, modifications, or damage done to the mobile food-vending vehicle and its systems after permit issuance.